Let’s Apply Some Common Sense

Let’s Apply Some Common Sense


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She’s Still Trying… Phony Combat Vet, Phony PhD. Making Hillary Look Honest

From her blog, the musings of Jymie Darling.

Ask Yourselves…first & last acknowledgement of my stalkers When someone,me, is openly accused of a heinous felony, investigated and still walking freely around and constantly at the VA with a monthly military pension check for 90% disability rating ….who is the lying psychopath?

I would say the the psychic fraud and the basement mental patient who are so obsessed they created an illusion of proof, photoshopped evidence and over 10 sites to defame one person. Who is the stalker? The ones creating over 10 sites and continually to hyperventilate when I am successful? The ones that email everyone that talks to me openly on facebook as they watch for my name while i could care less about who they talk to? The ones sending everyone to this blog? The ones comparing their looks to me and having people send me screenshots of their posts so that I know they are talking about me? Or me, the person who blocks them and lives life? Ask yourselves….

Especially when some of the anon comments defending me….are from VA drs, nurses and therapists telling them to get a life but unable to get officially into an internet war with 5150 trolls.

With that said….this is the only time I will address my stalkers and their nonsense. I have a ton to do and a plethora of more interesting topics to write about. Plus, it feeds their narcissism.


When a DD214, Photos and Military Records from the National Archives Don’t Match the VA Investigates

When a DD214, Photos and Military Records from the National Archives Don’t Match the VA Investigates

Happy Veterans Day Everyone. My name is Staff Sergeant Shawn Armstrong, U.S. Army Infantry, retired. I have 23 years of total service. I have one tour in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. I am a disabled veteran, due to injuries, not wounds, received on one of my overseas tours. This blog is dedicated to a Stolen Valor case unfolding in Glendale California. In a nutshell a veteran who also claims to be a Voudou Priestess, a Cambridge PHD in Anthropology and Ancient Religions and a highly decorated combat veteran who served in Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Panama is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

I’m talking about none other than Jymie Lynn Darling.

Here are some links to my previous blogs which tell the story so far.

Is Jymie Darling is a Stolen Valor Fraud? A Comparison of her medals and her actual DD214

A Stolen Valor Accused Me of Rape Because I Asked a Non-Profit to Request Her Military Records

When a Stolen Valor Accused Me of Being a Stalker I knew I Was About to Expose Them

This Veteran’s Day I am so grateful that I can show the world her military record that was taken from the National Archives thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.


Count 7 medals. Right? This following photo is obviously a misrepresentation of her actual service.


And now you can see why this last photo raised so many red flags.


My Veteran’s Day Gift to you and anyone else who supports the military and veterans is the announcement that as of last week Jymie Lynn Darling is being investigated by the Veteran’s Affairs Inspector General.

Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

Shawn Armstrong

When a Stolen Valor Fraud Accused Me of Being a Stalker I Knew I Was About to Expose Them

My name is Shawn Armstrong. If you would like to read the backstory of the Stolen Valor Case of Jymie Darling you can click HERE. I’m a retired vet who exposes Stolen Valor. Rather than do a really, really long blog on this suspect, I’ve broken the story down into several pieces.  Read on. This next installment is short but interesting.

The next thing Jymie Darling did to punish me for exposing the discrepancies in her DD214 and photographs of her in uniform was that she attempted to have me “swatted” by calling my local law enforcement, claiming I was stalking her, and I owned unlicensed firearms.

This is a photo of the medals that she claimed with a chart that IDs the medals.

This is a close-up of the medals that Jymie claims to have earned next to a chart identifying what the medals are

As you can see there are a lot of medals there. She is wearing enough medals to be a 20 year career veteran.  Sadly, she is not. What she was trying to do was portray herself as the kind of veteran that anyone would praise as a combat hero. The records show that although she did serve, she was never deployed.

Below is a screenshot of the DD214 that her wife posted on line.  As you can see it

Jymie Darling's DD214 shows that she earned only 7 medals.
Jymie Darling’s DD214 shows that she earned only 7 medals.

shows that she earned 7 medals and was never deployed.  Wouldn’t you agree that this is more than “stretching the truth?”  I thought so and so I set out to expose her.  In retaliation she filed a false police report and sent the cops out to check on me because she thought I would be intimidated.  What she didn’t know is that I’ve seen this kind of tactic before and I was prepared.

According to the FBI

It’s called “swatting”—making a hoax call to 9-1-1 to draw a response from law enforcement, usually a SWAT team. The individuals who engage in this activity use technology to make it appear that the emergency call is coming from the victim’s phone. Sometimes swatting is done for revenge, sometimes as a prank. Either way, it is a serious crime, and one that has potentially dangerous consequences.

She lives in California and I live in New York, but that didn’t stop her. Here she is as 11222340_1061060300584584_2444068493076954481_n “Mary Sheeples bragging about making the call. The cops came to my house. They checked my permits and left.  That’s all that happened. I wasn’t arrested. I’m not being sued. And frankly, I got the impression that they thought that SHE was playing a prank at their expense.  Meanwhile several witnesses and victims were also being harassed by her, her wife and her minions for knowing too much.  Maybe Jymie thinks that she’s Tony Soprano, too.

I was relieved when Jymie’s military records arrived thanks to the Freedom of Information Act at the end of October. Stay tuned for my next blog and I’ll wrap up this story.

A Stolen Valor Fraud Accused Me of Rape Because I Asked a Non-Profit to Request Her Military Records.

The next chapter in the Strange Case of Jymie Darling showed me, and it should show you,  that this woman is capable of anything. If you are curious about how I began exposing this case of Stolen Valor read my previous blog.

First, she accused me of being a wife beater and a loser.

Jymie Darling accused me of beating my wife and being a loser.
Jymie Darling accused me of beating my wife and being a loser.

I should have known I was in trouble when she boasted that she had 4 marriages, 6 legal names and other names from marriages in Europe that I “would never find.” I was beginning to suspect that Jymie Darling thinks she’s Jason Bourne. But my wife Lorie got really annoyed when Jymie started making assertions about our relationship.   She didn’t appreciate Jymie dragging her name into a public mud slinging match.

Jymie Darling sometimes goes under the alias of Mary Sheeples.

Just so we’re clear, Mary Sheeples is one of Jymie’s aliases along with Lynn Blumberg, DrJyms and she occasionally pretends to be her wife, Cammy Ellis Darling.

I had no choice but to let Jymie run her mouth.  But in the back of my mind I knew that her military records would be coming via the Freedom of Information Act. What she did next was not unexpected, but it was dirty.  She accused me of being a stalker and called the cops.

Is Jymie Darling a Stolen Valor Fraud? A Comparison of her medals and her actual DD214

The Strange Case of Jymie Darling, a vet based in Glendale, CA is the most challenging case I’ve had to date. It all began when a photograph was posted to the internet of a female in an Air Force uniform.


The red flags went up immediately. Several former members of the Air Force called her on her obviously disheveled uniform. What got the flares popping for me, were the sheer number of medals. She had more ribbons on that saddle than I had after two combat tours and 23 years. However, not being Air Force, I still held my tongue, I simply documented her claims.

Next, an Air Force veteran sent me a DD 214 obtained from a Go Fund Me Account.

What is a DD214?

The Defense Department issues each veteran a DD-214, identifying the veteran’s condition of discharge – honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable or bad conduct. Before January 1, 1950, several similar forms were used by the military services, including the WD AGO 53, WD AGO 55, WD AGO 53-55, NAVPERS 553, NAVMC 78PD, and the NAVCG 553.

Why is a DD214 important?

The Report of Separation contains information normally needed to verify military service for benefits, retirement, employment, and membership in veterans’ organizations. Information shown on the Report of Separation may include the service member’s:
• Date and place of entry into active duty
• Home address at time of entry
• Date and place of release from active duty
• Home address after separation
• Last duty assignment and rank
• Military job specialty
• Military education
• Decorations, medals, badges, citations, and campaign awards
• Total creditable service
• Foreign service credited
• Separation information (type of separation, character of service, authority and reason for separation, separation and reenlistment eligibility codes)

How many medals does she claim to have?

A close – up of the medals that Jymie Darling displayed and lay claim to.

How many medals does the DD214 say she has in comparison to what she claims?

The DD214 didn’t include any EOD school, no deployments to a combat zone, it had seven ribbons not seven rows of ribbons, and no non-commissioned officer school. However, not to be one to back down this particular individual, decided to double down on her claims, to a combat veteran.

This is a copy of Jymie Darling’s DD214. Notice that she has only 7 medals.

Jymie Darling's DD214 shows that she earned only 7 medals.
Jymie Darling’s DD214 shows that she earned only 7 medals.

After confronting Jymie with the discrepancy online she launched a classic counter-attack that later included accusing me of rape!  But that’s another blog. Below is how she responded to me initially and she can see that she would not back off and admit to only having 7 medals. In fact she claimed to have graduated from the EOD.

“You need to check your [expletive] at the front door. You came over to my pics and accused me of stealing valor. [expletive] ” I am a USAF VETERAN. Disabled at that from in service injuries non combat but combat related. My pics… I am in my uniform. I am riding with my last unit patches. With my awarded ribbons. Listed on my DDFORM214. AMMO TROOP WITH a secondary to EOD and Non conventional weapons. Check your [expletive] before you insult a veteran.”

Then, on a tattoo forum, she claimed status as an Iraq veteran.

“I am an Iraq veteran, an explosives expert and a girl.” Being an Iraq veteran, I took some offense to that. Then of course she claimed ribbons she obviously doesn’t have. Two good conduct medals, and Honor, Basic unit medal, Small arms, two Kuwait Liberation medals, an expeditionary medal for combat action in Panama, NCO Grad ribbon, and an Air Force Commendation medal.


Next Step:

Since I like to be thorough, I sent her information, with a copy of the DD214 from the Go Fund Me Account to a not for profit, who hunts Stolen Valor. They initiated a Freedom of Information Act request.

Can you request someone’s military records? Yes. Use the Freedom of Information Act.

Most people don’t know, you’re military records, because they’re government documents, are public knowledge. Then the trying part of it began.

My Name is Shawn Armstrong and I Expose Stolen Valor Frauds

My name is Staff Sergeant Shawn Armstrong, U.S. Army Infantry, retired. I have 23 years of total service. I have one tour in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan. I am a disabled veteran, due to injuries, not wounds, received on one of my overseas tours.

What is Stolen Valor?

Historically, and rightfully so I might add, it was anyone claiming awards they didn’t earn, anytime, anywhere, for any reason. However, due to a ruling by the Supreme Court, that law was deemed unconstitutional under the First Amendment. The current law, as of 2013 states you can only be charged with Stolen Valor if, by claiming military awards you did not earn, you receive financial gain, basically, for the crime of defrauding someone.

From Wikipedia: “The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 (Pub.L. 113–12; H.R. 258) is a United States federal law that was passed by the 113th United States Congress. The law amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime for a person to fraudulently claim having received any of a series of particular military decorations and awards with the intention of obtaining money, property, or other tangible benefit from convincing someone that he or she rightfully did receive that award. “

What I have achieved so far:

I don’t investigate Stolen Valor with the intensity as let’s say a Don Shipley. But I have thus far, found and confronted four suspects, including this last case.

The process:

When I catch civilians, it angers me mainly, because it makes veterans look like idiots. If you claim to be a veteran; you had better know something about the lifestyle, and the job you’re claiming. In most cases, I expose  them without having to send a Freedom of Information request. They all claim infantry, Special Forces, sniper, and being infantry. That’s pretty easy to debunk with a few questions. Also, if they were truly militarily trained, you can see the discipline, even after they get out.

What happens when an actual veteran lies about their service?

When actual veterans lie about their service, claiming combat awards, combat time, it detracts from those who did serve, but didn’t deploy, but are proud none the less. There is no reason to be ashamed of honorable service, and when these people lie, they give the appearance there should be, and obviously, there are benefits, through the VA, and some local tax relief, that are unique to combat veterans.